Worship Leader Agreement
& Application

Awaken the Dawn 2017   |   October 6th-October 9th

Thank you for your interest in adding your voice to our perpetual love song to Jesus during this gathering on the National Mall. We are excited to see the beautiful diversity of the Church come together on a common stage to exalt Jesus!

Before you apply, please take note of the following items that lay out the heart of leading worship at Awaken the Dawn 2017. Once your application is approved, you will receive a packet of information with further instructions explaining the logistics of leading worship at the event. Please note, filling out the application does not mean that you will be guaranteed a spot.

Loving Jesus is Our Only Agenda

Awaken the Dawn has the very specific focus of loving on Jesus from the most central point of our nation.  We are not protesting anything.  We are not lobbying for anything.  We are not promoting any social or political viewpoint.  We are simply seeking to give Jesus the love and honor that He is due from this city and nation. Everything that comes from the stage should be worship, thanksgiving, and adoration for Jesus.  We ask that there be no preaching or political opinions expressed from the stage of worship leaders, only worship and intercession.

Free-Will Offering to Jesus

Please note that all worship leaders are on a volunteer basis. There will be no monetary compensation. We are all worshipping as a free will offering to Jesus, who is worthy of it all.

Represent Jesus Well

When we give you the stage at Awaken the Dawn, we are trusting that you will represent Jesus (most importantly), Awaken the Dawn, and its’ staff well. We are trusting you to embody and protect the values that define who we are.  These values should guide all of your actions at Awaken the Dawn, both on and off the stage.

Two Types of Tents: One Goal

At Awaken the Dawn there will be 50 state tents and 12 regional tents total. Ten of the regional tents will represent a different region of the United States, one will  represent Israel, and one will represent the nations.

For the sake of managing sound, the worship teams for the 50 state tents will be unplugged. The regional tents will be plugged into a sound system during the day, but will also be unplugged during the night watch.

Please note which tent you are most interested in participating in. There is a option to participate in both.

Full Mailing Address
Point of Contact (During Event)

(Each slot is in two-hour increments-for example, 2pm-4pm. We are filling slots 24/7 for the entire event).

*Those taking night watch slots (9pm – 7am) will be given first preference during the day.

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