Dear friends,

The past two years have been the most exciting and life-changing years in ministry that I have known. I am so grateful today for all that God has done, and grateful for you, also. We truly could not have done this without you. Today I come with joy and fear and trembling to share some important updates about our Awaken the Dawn movement.

In 2017, about 70,000 people came to the National Mall in the heart of Washington, D.C., during our Awaken the Dawn 2017. We gathered in 58 tents, each filled with 24-hour worship, music, prayer, and gospel proclamation. It represented an astounding 1,600 worship and prayer teams from every state, all helping to lead the event. It was a Jesus procession of music, prayer, and outreach like none we had never seen.

We had a sense then that something was being birthed that was much greater than a 4- day gathering. I believe that God’s presence is the greatest change agent. No event like this had ever happened before on the Mall, as we gathered around the invisible God, and we continue to see the effects of it

Here is some of the fruit of that moment:

  • We have video footage of top government officials getting saved during the gathering, and washing each other’s feet even across party lines.
  • The national park police told us that crime significantly dropped in Washington D.C. during the gathering. The presence of God shifted the city, and it was the buzz of the D.C. police force that weekend.
  • Unified worship and outreach movements were launched through ATD and continue to this day in many states and campuses. In California, for example, 250 worship groups are now meeting regularly, and planning strategically to engage their state in worship and revival.
  • ATD was catalytic in networking, and we believe that family is the foundation for revival. We have many testimonies of salvation and dramatic healings (including scars from selfharm being completely removed in the midst of the worship and more).
  • Over 4 million people participated in the gathering through live stream. This represents a discipleship moment for America and the nations in hosting the presence of God.

Then, on September 27-29, 2018, 153 separate simultaneous tent gatherings, including 101 university campuses and every state capital, canopied America with public worship and the presence of God for 50 hours. There are too many stories to tell here of healing, salvation, and unity from this event, Tent America 2018.

I find myself asking if this has the rumblings of an authentic Third Great Awakening in America. It clearly represents a movement and a family, not simply events.


I feel such an urgency and expectation about the next couple of years, believing that how we gather is shifting. In many ways, our conferences and events, which have been sincerely helpful, are not enough to take into us the next season. I believe that we are returning to the One who alone can change everything. We are learning to tabernacle with Him.

We are on a journey to see America awakened, re-oriented, and transformed around the presence of God. I believe it is time to disciple our campuses and cities to host the presence of God in public day and night worship and gospel proclamation. It is time to launch into a bold and audacious proclamation of Jesus’ worth. There is no human remedy for the crisis in America. God’s presence and power is our hope.

A few months ago, I was contemplating what 2019 would hold for ATD. I was unable to sleep. At 5 am, I left my house and was standing in downtown Fredericksburg, VA, praying for clarity. I was asking God, specifically, about the next steps for Awaken the Dawn in 2019. To my amazement, I received a phone call later that day from a friend. He said he woke up at exactly the same time that morning, at 5 am, from a dream with me in it. In the dream, I was standing in a gathering of young adults and students. There was a sense of revival among the students of America. He felt he had to call and share the dream. I knew I had an answer from the Lord.

I believe the next phase of Awaken the Dawn involves, not only engaging in state-wide worship and prayer movements, but engaging the university and high school campuses of America. There is no human remedy for the campuses of America. We urgently need God’s presence and power on our campuses.

Here is our plan going forward. In 2019, we will host Tent America 2019 on October 17-19 during Feast of Tabernacles. Tent America 2019 will be another simultaneous gathering of worship, prayer, and outreach in tents across America

Imagine if the 101 university campuses from 2018 became tens of thousands of students and hundreds of campuses, along with state capitals. We believe this will happen and it will be part of a rescue mission to a generation.

We will take this Spring semester and Summer in 2019 to mobilize campuses, to train students to host the presence of God, and to build the national family. We. Believe this could easily grow to multiplied hundreds of simultaneous public 50-hour tent gatherings of worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation across America in October of 2019. Millions will be impacted. This is an opportunity to canopy America in worship and outreach and engage campuses with the worth of Jesus in an urgent hour!

There’s more big news.

We believe that we are to return to the National Mall in Washington in 2020. When we return to the Mall, we will go as family, not only to contend in prayer for breakthrough. We will go also to celebrate all that God has done in the preceding years on campuses, in stadiums, and in communities across the nation. We will go to celebrate Jesus’ worth with as much strength as possible at the center of our nation like He deserves. It will be a family reunion and a moment to contend for even greater things, even unprecedented things in our nation.I have this conviction. We are not talking here about some intriguing events. We are talking a viral, Godorchestrated movement that is part of birthing an authentic Great Awakening in America.


This effort begins immediately. I am asking for your help. Engaging and mobilizing campuses for 2019 must start in January. We believe that we need to lay sustainable tracks that will result in a Jesus movement that will change America. This is our dream. This is God’s dream. Awaken the Dawn is not events but a multi-ethnic, family that is not interested in hype, but love.

I am asking if you will pray with us. This all represents a massive step of faith once again. At this juncture, we are raising $200,000 to launch the 2019 campaign, specifically to mobilize thousands of students. This includes the necessary media (video, newsletters, print materials, websites, etc.) and some key staff giving their life and time to engage the campuses and the nation. This effort will include organized outreaches at these gatherings across America. Again, this all begins in January, so the need is immediate!

I would be honored if you would pray for this process. We have put together a strategic plan including budgets, organizational structures, and an amazing leadership team and staff to execute this vision. If you are interested in these details, I would be happy to share this with you. Prayer and friendship are the greatest keys, as always. Thank you for being a true friend of ours.

I also want to invite you to come and join us in Fredericksburg for our monthly “Burn” gatherings. We will host leaders from around the nation for these worship events. We will have sharing and then prayer and worship, and will go all night in most cases. Here are the dates of these gatherings. This is a brilliant way to connect with this movement:

  • “Burn Nights” – December 14, January 11, February 8 – 7PM – Worship, Prayer, with David Bradshaw and ATD leaders sharing (more dates coming soon!).
  • Vision and Connection Night with David Bradshaw (1006 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, VA 22401) – December 15 – 7pm
  • Corey Russell at Awakening Community Church in Fredericksburg, VA (come for the whole weekend!) – December 16 – 10 am
  • Burn Nights are at our ATD base: 5024 Southpoint Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

As Bob Jones said to us years ago, this movement will be “porta-johns and hotdog stands beyond our wildest imagination.” We’ve only seen the beginning. But more than that, my prayer is that in the midst of turbulent times, America will be re-calibrated and awakened, as Jesus’ worth is demonstrated in the next two years.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With expectation,

David Bradshaw
President and Founder,
Awaken the Dawn