The Heartbeat of Movement

Movements define and shape history. God is branding our hearts with a vision for a movement so big that it will sweep millions into the Kingdom, transform cities, and disciple nations. He is raising up leaders for this movement that have been immersed in His presence, His heart, and His word.

Movements begin with a sound. All of creation was thrust into existence at the sound of God’s voice. The walls of Jericho fell with the sound of a shout. Prison doors flung wide when Paul and Silas released the sound of praise. King David ignited an unprecedented awakening and reformation that touched the known world, when he called the nation to worship and pray night and day for over thirty years. Historically, revival movements have started with the sound of a few hungry, desperate intercessors crying out for God to move. When our sound collides with the sound of heaven there is MOVEMENT!

The Invitation

Movement is a three-month program put on by Awaken the Dawn that is designed to saturate you in the heart, values and principles of David’s Tabernacle. You will receive practical and revelatory teaching on the foundational values and theology of both a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus, and partnership with God to influence and transform culture. Movement is designed to give you an extended season to seek God, experience personal transformation, and discover how God has uniquely created you to impact the world. Students will have the opportunity to discover and develop their dreams, and will learn the value and art of godly relationships in the context of community.

Prayer, worship, and the presence of God are values central to Awaken the Dawn and Movement. We are excited to invite you into the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, an active house of prayer that has been praying night and day for almost 10 years. You will have the privilege of participating in the prayer room culture as part of your experience, and will spend hours weekly in worship and prayer. You will learn and get equipped in an atmosphere soaked with the presence of God. Our prayer is that you will not just acquire knowledge but have an encounter with the One you are searching out.

The Information

DATES: January 29 – April 9

LOCATION: The Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, Fredericksburg, VA.

TUITION WITHOUT HOUSING: $2250 (includes classes, retreats, books, materials, seminars, lunches on class days)

HOUSING: $400/month (limited space available – first come first serve)

CORE TEACHING TOPICS: The Worth and Glory of Jesus, Intimacy with God, The Father Heart of God, Hearing God’s Voice, Global Missions Mandate, Worship and Intercession, Authority and Influence, How to Study the Bible with the Spirit of Revelation, Character and Leadership, Dreaming with God, Wholeness and Freedom, Developing Healthy Relationships, Understanding and Stewarding the Anointing, Cultivating the Supernatural in Daily Life, Discovering your Unique Gifts and Calling, Revival and Reformation, Life Mission, Discerning and Shifting Atmospheres.

How To Apply

Submit an application

Have 2 leaders fill out a reference form

Pay the application fee

We will contact you


Leader Reference Form

Pay $50 Application Fee

Please note “movement” in “special instruction”section

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