The Heartbeat of Movement

Movements define and shape history! Movements begin with a sound. All of creation was thrust into existence at the sound of God’s voice!  The walls of Jericho fell with the sound of a shout; prison doors flung wide when Paul and Silas released the sound of praise. King David ignited an unprecedented awakening and reformation that touched the known world when he called the nation to worship and pray night and day for over thirty years!  Historically speaking Revival movements start with the sound of a few hungry, and desperate intercessors crying out for God move! When our sound collides with the sound of heaven there is MOVEMENT! God is branding our hearts with a vision for a movement so big that it will sweep millions into the Kingdom, transform cities and disciple nations! Movement is not a school as much as it is an encounter. Join us for a three-month immersion in a culture of night and day worship and prayer! Position yourself to let God release the sound of His voice over you that awakens love, sets you free, defines your destiny, heals your heart and catalyzes vision for transforming the world. Release a Sound, ignite a movement!


Movement is a three-month program designed to saturate you in the heart, values, and principles of David’s Tabernacle. Students will receive practical and revelatory teaching on foundational values and theology of a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus and partnership with God to influence and transform culture. Movement is designed to give students an extended season to seek God, receive personal transformation, discover how God has uniquely created you to change the world. Students will have the opportunity to discover and develop their dreams, and learn the value and art of godly relationships in the context of community.


Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

When: January 2018

Cost: TBA $2000+

Length: 3 Months

Housing Provided: TBA

Food Provided: TBA

Curriculum: Tabernacle of David, Missions, Evangelism, Worship & Prayer, Media, Campus Missionaries, Worship leader training, Songwriting, Intimacy with God, Great Commission, etc


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