Awaken The Dawn | Tent America 2019

Campus Tent Agreement and Application
October 17th- 19th, 2019

Thank you for your interest in hosting a tent on your campus!  We are confident that your willingness and desire to lead in this way will result in lives changed. On October 17-19, 2019, from hundreds of locations across our nation, there will be a simultaneous 50-hour love song given to Jesus.  By hosting a tent you will be providing a way for your campus to join in this beautiful offering of tent worship. Thank you for having a heart to love and honor Jesus, our Savior King.

Before you apply, please take note of the following items that lay out the heart of Tent America 2019.  We ask that every campus tent coordinator read and agree to these points. If you have any questions about Awaken the Dawn, please visit our website at and/or email your State Campus Coordinator.

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with further instructions covering the logistics of hosting a tent on your campus.


We have the very specific focus of loving on Jesus from hundreds of different Campus locations and from every Capital city.  We are not protesting anything. We are not lobbying for anything. We are not promoting any social or political viewpoint. We are simply seeking to give Jesus the love and honor that He so deserves.  Everything that comes from the tent platform should be worship, thanksgiving, and adoration to Jesus. We ask that there be no preaching or political opinions expressed.


First and foremost, this is a nationwide offering of perpetual adoration to King Jesus, simply because He is worthy of it and simply because we love Him!  King David, a man after God’s own heart, set up a tent of worship and hired 4000 musicians and 288 singers to minister to God 24/7 for the 33 years that he reigned as King in Jerusalem.   More than anything else, our desire is to be a blessing to Jesus and minister to him in thanksgiving, adoration and praise, even as David did. If Jesus is worthy of eternal praise (Revelation 5), He is certainly worthy of our time here and now!

Secondly,  it stands as a public witness to the glory and beauty of Jesus. We are inherently evangelistic in nature. As we proclaim the worth of the one we worship, it sparks curiosity in the eyes of the world and gives us the opportunity to share the good news of the gospel. There is an unique opportunity to proclaim Jesus before all people– nationwide. People are eager to hear the good news! We are so in love with Jesus we can’t stop talking about Him every chance we get, and we want everybody else to know Him too!

Thirdly, it stands as an act of intercession for America.  As we simply host the presence of God through worship and prayer on campuses and in our capital cities, we invite Him to establish His work in our nation.  David was known as a man after God’s own heart. God so blessed David that his reign became the golden age for the nation of Israel. If we host the presence of God like David did, will our nation be blessed like that too? We believe yes! God is bringing revival to America, even as we make Him central in our nation.


Please note that this is a volunteer effort.  There is no monetary compensation for campus coordinators, worship leaders, or any other volunteers.  All of our work and effort is a free will offering to Jesus who is worthy of it all.


As you coordinate Tent America 2019 on your campus, we are trusting that you will represent Jesus, Awaken the Dawn, and our heart well. We are trusting you to embody and protect the values that define who we are.  These values should guide all of your actions during Tent America, both before and during the event.



As a Campus Tent Coordinator, you will be helping to fill as many of the 50 hours with prayer and worship as possible.  Please know that you may be receiving volunteers via our online sign up, as well as through your own campus and ministry connections.  We encourage you to schedule worship leaders & prayer leaders into 2 hour sets.


Finally, don’t forget, that a heart that is connected to Jesus and free of known sin, is the most important thing you possess.  In the months to come, please spend time individually, and as a campus team, centering your hearts on Jesus and asking the Holy Spirit to take you to deeper levels of intimacy with Him.

Thanks for reading all that! If you wish to proceed with applying to host a tent on your campus by being a Campus Tent Coordinator, please provide the information below.

We are so grateful for your heart and can’t wait to have you join the Awaken The Dawn family!


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